Terms of Service


You indeed choose the best site to get the best quality service. We appreciate you for choosing us over other companies and taking out time to get a view about the company. Cute SMM is known as the top notch website associated with providing social media linked problems solutions. We are a licensed company with a very satisfactory past record of happy customers. We aim to improve your accounts rank and insight with providing best quality service to the buyer. We have all our legal details linked below which can be seen by every visitor on our site. We believe to share all the important details to our readers / buyers and let them be aware of all the changes made with revision updates. We have few rules, terms and conditions on our website which a buyer needs to accept before getting started with our high quality services.

Age restriction Limit:

Like every other website / platform, this site is also age restricted. To all our readers / buyers you all should be exceeding or at least 18 years old if you are registering your profile while if you are under 18 years old then you must seek help from your parents / guardians to accept these conditions. This is one of the most important clauses of our terms and conditions and every buyer should respect and accept this.

Website Use And Copyright:

Cute SMM has a well protected and highly secured process to generate service. The website has a hold on all the intellectual property rights of the content posted on the website and the third person must need proper permission from the Cute SMM administration before sharing it. The content and all the images here on the website belong to Cute SMM and the people who have proper permission to use them.

Limitation of Liability

The buyer needs to make sure to accept that they can never claim for any of the things mentioned in terms and condition before they get their account registered on our website. Cute SMM has a past record of successful and positive outcome of their high class quality services with satisfied clients but still the company doesn't take any responsibility for any loss or damage of the content from your account. Cute SMM or any person associated with the site will not be liable for such damage or loss.


This clause is to get confirmation by the buyers to agree to use cute SMM for only genuine problems and has no intentions to use it for the purpose other than what it is designed for. The users need to agree to not violate any security measure of the website and the website guarantee to not violate any of the clients information.


Cute SMM is the website known for its fast delivery. We make sure to deliver the quality service to generate organic source real users service as soon as we get the registration request and paid money. The buyer needs to remember that they are paying us for handling their page insight only.

Confidential Information:

The whole process of generating real and organic account service based on the information you send us. The company never asks their clients to share any personal information other than the name and link of the profile. The provided information will further be used for sending all the information about new discounts, coupons and packages. We need our buyers to know that we never sell our clients information.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Cute SMM has a very reasonable price rate chart. The website is delivering quality service at the most reasonable rates but if our customers are not satisfied with the process and service and decides to cancel the registration at any point of the process, then we make sure to refund their money within 24 hours. All the transactions through any payment process done for the service are refundable without any deduct in the money.

Social Media Accounts:

Cute SMM is the real website delivering spam free service and is linked with no past problems but still we ask the clients to use our site at their own risk and if there could be any loss of videos, Photos or data after taking our service, then the website and any people linked with the site will not be responsible to any of such act.


Cute SMM has a work experience of more than 5 years and there are very few events occurring in the time span where there is any error accidentally occurred on the site but whenever it happens, we make sure to correct it without delaying it for days. So this clause explains that Cute SMM has every right to change or correct the error found in the site without any notice given prior.